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IREA-AII at the Major Spanish Property Exhibition held in Madrid – SIMA 09

Ignacio Acosta Sorge Director of the IREA-AII International Real Estate Alliance and Melissa Dos Santos (Press Executive) visited SIMA Real Estate Agents.

Both executives passed through various stands to know some of the 230 exhibitors called by this event, the most important of the Spanish speaking real estate industry.

SIMA 09 was celebrated in Madrid from May 28, this year 2009.

At the stand of Afirma Real Estate Group they talked with Mr. Fernando.

The most noticeable poster of the stand was:


Protected Home relates to the price of re-sale of the property that should not surpass certain modules set by the Group.

The maximum financing that Afirma Real Estate Group offers its clients is made up in the following way: the bank offers an 80% and Afirma Real Estate Group completes the 20% missing.

The client can acquire his home financed in a 100%.

The 20% financed by the group, has a term of payment of 5 years.

Afirma Real Estate Group already has been participating in SIMA for ten years.

In the region of Costa del Sol, this Real Estate Group handles properties in the areas of Estepona and Casares, located also in Malaga. Also, they offer properties in Alicante, Guadalajara, Toledo, Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia.

In Costa Blanca, specifically in Alicante and San Juan Afirma Real Estate Group offers a 20% of discount with furniture included.

Afirma Real Estate Group not only offers opportunities in Spain, but also in Brazil, United States and a recent project in Romania.

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